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That which is positive.

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Being a brief update on those things that currently lend my existence new light:

Garibaldi biscuits. Also known as raisin biscuits. I discovered a recipe for these old-school cookies a week or so ago and have been in thrall to it/them ever since. Fruity, buttery, not too sweet (especially if you don’t have any coarse sugar, as is the case here). Make at your own risk.

Wayne Shorter, Native Dancer. I’d had my eye on this one for years — I like Weather Report and I’d like to get deeper into Brazilian music, so I’m not sure what kept me.

Sunny, unchallenging, rhythmically off-kilter tropical pleasure abounds.

Jandek, Telegraph Melts:  I’ve been flirting with the Representative from Corwood Industries for at least a couple months, so I finally gave in and bought three CDs, because why go halfway? I’ve played two of them so far, and this one’s the better.

Telegraph Melts includes “Governor Rhodes” and “You Painted Your Teeth,” two oft-cited Jandek pick hits, but classic toons abound from start to end. (Like “The Fly,” which ends with a lengthy, appalled retching noise that perfectly captures the feeling of kissing a girl. No, really, that’s what it sounds like.)

1977-79 Cheap Trick. I knew people in high school – not close friends, but regular associates – who were Cheap Trick fans. How did it take me forty years to discover them?

Genesee Bock and Yuengling India Pale Lager. Genny Bock is a springtime tradition for me every year I can find it — decent, flavorful, ungodly cheap beer. Yuengling IPL is a miserable, sour beer that will fast be forgotten; my local packie had it marked down to $9.99 a case last time I was there.

The glory is that if you mix them half and half, the maltiness of the bock cuts the overhopped sourness of the IPA, and you get an infinitely better beer than either of them would be on their own. (Plus you get a really killer head, as a sort of cosmic bonus for thinking outside the box.)

The only problem with this arrangement is you gotta drink two beers, but there are worse problems to have.

I consciously decided against going back to reload with more beer, and both of these will probably be gone when I return to the store. I decided I was happy to hit the motherlode once, and it wouldn’t be nearly as good if I tried it again. Maybe next spring. Speaking of which …

Spring. It’s spring! There’s baseball. Outside’s warm. The windows get opened.

Yeah, that’s a good place to stop.


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  1. BRILLIANT beer recipe!


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