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If they should bar wars …

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Yes. Yes, as a matter of fact, I did know. I know everything I want to know, and much more than I need to know, about this absurdly prolonged geek fantasia that won’t go away.

(I used to like the “Star Wars” franchise just fine. It was the first half of the Eighties. I was six to 10 years old at the time. The franchise ended just as it was going weak. Then it came back. It may not end again in my lifetime.)

I am reminded of a wisecrack featured long ago: “Little-known facts about Pet Sounds: There are no longer any little-known facts about Pet Sounds.” Along those same lines, there are no available facts about “Star Wars” that fans don’t know, and no facts about it that non-fans want to know.

Somehow, at this precise moment, the notion of a TV station in the Pennsylvania coal country trying to entice me with a list of little-known “Star Wars” trivia seems like the biggest, wrongest dead end in the world.

It could not have been more poorly aimed if an imperial trooper had hit the Post button.


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