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My only comment on the matter.

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It was thirty years ago today … that Fabio Salas gave a lecture in Santiago, Chile, on the 20th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s.

No, seriously. Such an event did in fact occur.

Wonder what he said about “Within You Without You”?


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  1. I distinctively remember the 20th anniversary coverage in this country. USA Today even had a big story about it, so it had to be a big deal! Then again, the mid-80s were the peak of Boomer nostalgia (I seem to recall a summer replacement show (remember those?) on NBC around that time that specialized in the subject), and writers could easily begin the story as “It was twenty years ago today …..”

    • I remember a lot of fuss around it as well.
      1987 was also Rolling Stone’s 20th anniversary, and inevitably their list of “100 best albums of the past 20 years” had Sgt. Pepper’s at Number One.


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