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I was just thinking about King Crimson the other day … they’re the sort of band where every so often, I nod my head to myself and think, “Y’know, I don’t put them on much any more, but their better stuff still holds up. I should get back to them sometime.”

Well, in about four months, I’ll be seeing them live.

The music writer at the local paper, who’s pretty dreadful at everything except announcing upcoming shows, happened to mention on Twitter that King Crimson was coming to Miller Symphony Hall in downtown Allentown.

I happened to see his tweet. And about five minutes after that, I happened to have purchased a ticket.

(It’s in the back row of the balcony. But Miller Symphony Hall is a pretty intimate place — it’s where I saw Robert Hunter a couple of years ago. And, the current edition of Crimson has no fewer than four drummer/percussionists. So I’m pretty confident the noise will reach me.)

The band’s current lineup has been together since 2014 and has put out a couple of albums, all of which I am totally unfamiliar with.

I’m still up for the show, though. I don’t imagine King Crimson, of all bands, has sold out; I’m confident the newer stuff is as angular and weird and delightful as the best of the old (see below).

And Robert Fripp has brought me a whole bunch of pleasure over the years. He richly deserves to have a couple more of my nickels in his pocket.


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  1. Have you read the new prog rock book by Weigel?


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