Don’t look to me for coherence.

In the brief interregnum between snowstorms I was able to get to the first weekend college baseball of the year — always a big deal around here.

Over in Bethlehem, Moravian College did battle in a doubleheader with Catholic University of America, which is apparently a ranked team in whatever division it calls home.

I surprised myself by staying through the wind and cold to watch the entire (seven-inning) first game, which Catholic won 3-2. I hadn’t thought I was jonesing that hard for baseball, but I guess I must have been. It felt good to watch the choreography of the warmups — third baseman whips to second, who whips to first, who tosses to short, and like that.

Both teams played well, with relatively few errors or slop. The final out came on a bang-bang play at the plate that could have tied it for the home team. It made for a dramatic final play … and I was content not to watch extra innings.

As always, I indulged my hobby of taking amateur photos of the game.

I am the last person in America (here I go with that again) who buys digital point-and-shoots; as my old Kodak has finally bit the dust, I had a new Canon to break in. It seems to work acceptably.

I’ll post some of the better pix here, just ’cause that’s what I do, and also because it will give me something to look at at work on Wednesday while six to eight inches of snow pile up outside.






Did I mention the new camera has a fisheye setting?


No. 14 has just hit one off the scoreboard in right to bring Moravian within one. As close as they got, alas.


The game’s last play. Single to the outfield; Moravian runner on second tries to score …
… and doesn’t.
As the smoke clears and the players drift away, the catcher still has the ball in his glove.


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