What’s your sign?

One of my past posts about the old yearbooks available through the Internet Archive got a little unexpected traction today, which led me to ignore my laundry and go back onto that jag for an hour or two tonight. (More on this will probably be coming at some later point.)

For now, I’ll check in with a quick hit to do justice to a truly Seventies idea. It’s not something that deserves reams of copy written about it, just something that merits a quick acknowledgement for its spark of genius.

It’s a high school yearbook in which the graduating seniors are arranged not in alphabetical order … not in reverse alphabetical order (as my high school once did, about five years before I graduated) … but by sign of the zodiac.

A fanfare, then, to the Leicester, Mass., High School Class of 1974 and their annual, The Maroon.

May their aspects always be right.


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