St. Marmalade’s preview.

Every time I post something new on my Bandcamp page, I mention it here, so I guess I’ll keep the tradition going.

As of maybe a half-hour ago, my latest “release,” To St. Marmalade in Heaven, has been unleashed on an indifferent public.

This one brings me back to the realm of what I would call musique concrete if I were really serious about it. I’m not, so I’ll just call it atonal screwing around.

Lest that seem unduly dismissive, I will say once again that I enjoy the things I post on Bandcamp; I occasionally listen to them for pleasure; and the only reason I don’t listen to them more often is that the world is full of other stuff I haven’t heard yet.

Still, I can’t honestly say it’s going to appeal to a lot of other people. There’s some noisy diddley bow stuff, and some weird heavily processed sound, and some looping-and-layering experiments of the kind that other people did more interestingly years ago.

I guess I keep chucking this stuff out there (a) to scratch an itch; (b) to get it out of my head; and (c) in case there’s somebody else out there who might enjoy it. I haven’t encountered too many people from category (c) yet. But, the night is young.

New musical possibilities are already looming for 2019. I’ll be sure to let you know as they develop further.

For now, feel free to introduce yourself to the world of St. Marmalade. Miracles are not guaranteed but always possible.


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