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Greetings from Week Seven.

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Another snapshot from the basement …

I found a challenge I am trying to turn my eyes away from, but that draws me like a moth to flame.

It seems the National Baseball Hall of Fame has a collection of baseball-related correspondence, and it’s looking for cranks with time to kill — er, I mean, dedicated volunteers who love the game — to transcribe these letters, memos, and other documents online.

A chunk of my daily job right now already involves transcription, and my hands ache gently when I think of more typing. More typing there also means (even) less typing here, which could be either good or bad, depending.

And yet — baseball history! Who knows? Some of these letters might be entertaining. And the NBHoF isn’t asking me (or anyone else) to transcribe 1,000 letters; if I do one page a week they’re still ahead of where they were.

So, maybe that.

# # # # #

I now have not one, not two, but three stories at various stages of the review process for the SABR Games Project. (There seems to be a backlog; I don’t think the delay is a product of my abrasive personality.) I’ve found kind of a theme to work, and there seems to be a rich seam of games left in it.

None of my pieces will win awards but they were all interesting to a greater or lesser degree. Basically, the whole thing is a public, semi-productive outlet for my longtime love of diving into archival newspaper copy.

I have an eye on a potential next installment.

# # # # #

Trying to pace myself, I have now opened four packs of junk wax. No doubles yet. A few items of potential riff-interest. Another pack or two and I should have enough fodder for a follow-up post. Now, now, don’t jostle.

# # # # #

Not much new in the way of music, although I am at this very moment grabbing a 1978 Papa John Creach show off the Interwebs because how often do you get to do that?

Besides the recently referenced Waco Texas Metal (I got it all figured out — I’ll tell you more after my false passport arrives), I’ve been listening to a fair amount of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant on YouTube. I suspect there is a rich seam of Japanese garage-rock out there waiting to be discovered.

# # # # #

I’ve mentioned Josh Kantor, the Red Sox ballpark organist who plays daily Facebook live sessions as a way to entertain fans.

Today he did something truly awesome. Somebody the other day promised to donate $500 to a food bank if Kantor would play 10 minutes of fully improvised Grateful Dead-style “space.”

And so he came out today and did just that (with his wife and sometime sidekick Mary periodically holding up signs saying, “4 minutes!,” “7 minutes!,” etc.)

He was full-on noodling and it was delightfully absurd … though, for those of us attuned to Space, it wasn’t entirely bad, either.

And, hopefully, some people will enjoy a dinner they might not otherwise have had.

# # # # #

My knees are trashed but I continue to squeeze miles out of them, three or four at a time, roughly three times a week. Half-marathons (and hotdish) are a remote memory at this point; maybe I’ll get back there someday and maybe I won’t.

I think it is time to try running again.

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