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More sound resuscitated.

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No idea why this happened, since the conditions that caused it to stop have almost certainly not changed …

… but the Internet Archive is once again posting vinyl rips to its Unlocked Recordings archive, free for streaming and download.

I’ve never gotten the impression anybody else cares, but I write about it anyway because there’s a fantastic wealth of stuff there if you don’t insist on drums and guitars playing in four-four time.

Just in the latest batch, there’s:

Maria Callas performing Medea at La Scala.

Sackbuts, viols, cornets and choruses performing music once performed for Queen Elizabeth I. (Pick hit: “Thus Bonny-Boots The Birthday Celebrated.”)

– A couple LPs worth of poets reading their work, including this record with Ted Hughes, whose Yorkshire accent is mesmeric. Oh, yeah, his wife’s on it too.

– A whole stack of church(ly) music, including Richard Davy’s The Passion According to St. Matthew, Tomas Luis de Victoria’s Requiem Mass and an Evensong Ash Wednesday service featuring the King’s College Choir of Cambridge.

There’s no time like the present to broaden one’s musical horizons. Why not while away the hours getting to know the sackbut, or basking in the reverberant sound of big Limey church choirs?

Whatever you’ve got on now will still be there when you get back.

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  1. Oh COOL. Thanks for the tip. I stumbled onto your blog because I was once again obsessing over Steely Dan and found your bit on Razor Boy, which I thought you described perfectly btw. Lucky me, as that link to the music on the Internet Archive is blissing me out. Thanks. Just want to say I like your writing.

    PS along with the Steely Dan obsession, I also am fairly into opera and searching the IA, I found recordings by – and I will fight you on this – the BEST TENOR EVER, aka Jussi Bjoerling. Check out the ‘Rarities’ album, slap Recondit Armonia or Nessun Dorma on the player of your choice and just take in that perfect, expressive voice.

    • Thank you very much! I appreciate the kind words.

      I’ve been obsessed with the IA Unlocked Recordings for a while, and have mentioned it several times, but my stats show very few readers have ever gone there. I am glad to have introduced someone to it.
      Some of it doesn’t interest me but other things I’ve very much liked.

      I will have to look up Jussi Bjoerling.


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