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The weather’s been pretty nice.

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High time to wiggle out of Diana’s Favorite Torture Chair and leave another journal entry. What’s new?

-I have been approached to make my first appearance on a podcast, to be recorded later this month for distribution in May. It seems at least 90 percent certain but I’ll share more details when it’s 100 percent settled, so you can be sure to avoid it. Suffice it to say for now that, in a world with a million podcasts, this must surely be one of the most obscure and esoteric.

-My main-slash-only creative outlet for the time being continues to be the Society for American Baseball Research. A bunch of new game stories — and maybe even a ballpark bio — have gone up there since the last time I plugged it.

No one wants to read ’em who already hasn’t. But if you’re out there and interested, the best way to see ’em all is to visit my author page. There’s a couple of pages worth of story links so don’t forget to hit Next.

-The Internet Archive’s series of vinyl rips has greatly slowed and fallen into an uninteresting rut, so I haven’t found anything fantabulous there lately. A while ago I found some recordings in a back corner of the Archive that strictly speaking shouldn’t have been there. Being amoral and a pack rat besides, I grabbed the downloads, and now I need to burn some of those onto disc and listen to them. 

Good/interesting read of the day came from Twitter. It’s a commentary by a woman who inspired a long-ago song by R.E.M., and how her story seems to morph, twist, and distort every time somebody writes something new about the band or the song. I’m not a huge fan of the song but you don’t have to be to appreciate the narrative.

The piece was written quite a few years ago; by this time, R.E.M. biographers have probably turned her into an interstellar cannibal zombie or something.

-Got my first dose of the vaccine. Second dose is booked for just about two weeks from now.

-It will be 70 degrees in Massachusetts this weekend and I wish to hell I could see some live baseball but I don’t think I can. Colleges aren’t allowing fans, and the spring high school sports season is only just starting because they jammed a replacement “fall” season into the first part of spring. Sigh.

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