Number 3 for the Bulldogs.

That damn tweet about Lou Reed and the free hot dogs is still getting discovered and retweeted. I still don’t know whether it’s quite that fabulous, but the masses will decide.

That’s not what I came here to write about, anyway. I came here to leave a quick written and visual record of the latest college baseball game.

The two teams I saw today entered the day with a combined record of 3-26. The home-team Dean College Bulldogs were 2-12, and the visiting Rivier University Raiders were 1-14.

(Rivier, incidentally, is in Nashua, New Hampshire. The Raiders play their home games in historic Holman Stadium, where Don Newcombe and Roy Campanella played and Walter Alston managed when Nashua hosted a Brooklyn Dodgers farm club in the late 1940s. Unfortunately, that’s not where I saw them today.)

Rivier also has a female player listed on its roster. According to their website, she has not played this season and did not appear in a game last season either, but made seven appearances the year before. She was present today but did not play in the first game, and I left early in the second. Ah, well.


Dean scored two early runs and never trailed, although they got into a bit of a jam in the seventh and final inning when their starting pitcher began to tire.

Rivier loaded the bases in the ninth, helped by an odd play in which a batted ball rolled under the left-field fence for a ground-rule double. (They thought it was a homer; they were wrong.) But Dean’s pitcher got the last out, on a ground ball if I recall correctly, and jumped off the mound pounding his chest

I feel at the moment as if the college baseball itch has been scratched for the year. I like to get to at least two games a year, but anything more than that is negotiable.

(Apparently the pandemic did not create a raging urge. There were probably points in the past two years when I would have given my left arm for a ballgame. If there were, they have passed.)

So: Yay, the baseball thing got did today.





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