Been there, said that.

Another of those little stopoffs that used to make the Internet fun slipped away at some point a few years ago while I wasn’t looking.

I’m thinking of Says-It dot com, the website where you could drop any text you wanted onto a church sign, a McDonalds marquee, a lobby letterboard or a concert ticket, and get a small watermarked photo in return. (A site called Says-It dot org promises the same functionality, but doesn’t actually produce the pictures.)

Of course you could always crop the watermark off, at least most of the time. This left you an outside chance of momentarily convincing an unhip or inattentive social media follower that there really was a KFC sign somewhere that said ” ‘CARRY ON WAYWARD SON‘ ROCKS! ROCKS! ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

(Remember when deepfakes were fun? I guess these were more like shallowfakes. They were still fun.)


I haven’t been to Says-It in years. Something brought it to mind the other day, and I thought I’d go see if it was still hanging out in cyberspace. It wasn’t.

I remember going there well over a decade ago with my then-young (and not-really-wayward) son. We spent a sustained amount of time over several sessions churning out absurd, meaningless signs to make each other laugh. I probably shoulda been teaching him some useful life skill, instead. Ah well.

Anyway: Some of these are mine; some of these are his; they bring back fond memories; some of them still make me laugh, and that’s more welcome than ever.

I hear the voices when I’m dreaming … I can hear them say:






To this day, one of our Saturday-night dinners of choice is sometimes referred to as “puzza.”







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