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Ducking in and out again.

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The finest of Chicago albums, Chicago V, marked its 50th anniversary on July 10. I came up with the better part of a blog post on it in my head while mowing the lawn … then completely lost interest before I could sit down and write.

I figured that, at some point over the years, I’d probably already said everything I was thinking of saying. And there seemed little point. Either you know the album and like it, or you don’t.

I also noticed just now that this blog marked its 10th anniversary in February. Pretty sure I didn’t notice or mention it at the time. Hmmm.

I continue to work my way through the big pile of CDs I bought a month or two back at the big library booksale. Haven’t found any real new favorites, though some of it is solid. I am starting to retreat from my commitment to get through them all — I’ve started putting on Roxy’s Manifesto, which I like, rather than the ones I haven’t heard yet. Will have to rededicate myself.

I keep finding sounds on the Internet Archive that shouldn’t be there, which distracts me. Also pulled out an external hard drive from my desk drawer that I thought might possibly be empty … and sure enough it’s filled with audio. We’ll get to that at some point.

I am more or less feeding my head with books, having just skim-read a biography of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (jurisprudence is less interesting than I thought it might be), the 1930s WPA writers’ guide to New Hampshire; Elton John’s autobiography (quite entertaining); and one or two other things. Maybe a trip to the library is in the offing this weekend.

I also found out recently where the expression “the offing” came from: It’s apparently an old term meaning “that portion of the sea that can be seen from the shore.” A ship that was in the offing would be in port in a day or two … but not in 10 minutes.

Also this weekend I will dedicate myself to the task of reinforcing the wire underneath my shed, which has abdicated its function of keeping critters out.

Many years ago I bought a replica South Dakota Congressional Medal of Honor license plate. It lives in the shed with my other license plates; and as a replica plate, it’s not worth anything; and I didn’t have anything else immediately to hand to block a particularly large hole … so now one of the main access points under the shed is blocked by a replica South Dakota Congressional Medal of Honor license plate.

(And you thought I was making it up.)

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