If you’ve come here from Twitter wondering where the hell I went, the explanation for that is in the previous post.

I grilled tonight for the first time in months. No better time to start again than the night when darkness arrives at 5 pm, eh what?

We were in extreme drought for pretty much the entire summer, so I didn’t use either the grill or the fire pit; a stray spark might have caused trouble that it wouldn’t usually cause. Because of this, my grilling technique has greatly atrophied, and I had to finish my shrimp in a pan on top of the stove. They came out fine, I think, pending the results of the did-I-throw-it-up-two-hours-later food-poisoning test.

Now I have an eggplant and a couple chunks of cabbage soaking up what’s left of the heat. The eggplant will become babaghanoush, while the cabbage has … other adventures ahead of it.

May we all.

# # # # #

Continuing to accumulate music, mostly classical vinyl rips via the Internet Archive.

Also enjoying a record called Movie Scene – The Heavy Sounds from Today’s Films, issued in 1970 by a pseudonymous gang of session types calling themselves the Bully Boys Band. They do something called the “Song From M*A*S*H;” did they not know the title, or did they not want to use it? There’s also a muy mellow version of Badfinger’s “Come and Get It,” on which flute, sax, acoustic guitar and piano trade off the lead. It’s ….. soothing.

Their CSN&Y medley is even better: You haven’t heard the final movement of “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” until you’ve heard a blase saxophone stroll in to occupy the space usually occupied by Stephen Stills singing in Spanish. It’s …. a goof and a pleasure.

The record sent me to Wiki, where I learned for the first time that the final movement of “S:JBE” was also substantially sampled in 2010 for Cypress Hill’s “Armada Latina.” A distinctly overstuffed Stills makes a cameo appearance during one of the guitar breaks, looking even more out of place than you think he would.  It’s ….. absurd.

# # # # #

I guess the baseball season is really over now, as opposed to the preliminary “over” that comes when you don’t care much about any of the remaining teams. This was probably the first significant event I would have heard about on Twitter that I instead had to learn about from a news site.

I meant to make a hockey schedule this weekend for my area, so I’ll know who is playing where whenever I feel up for a game. Didn’t get off my arse so that will wait for another day. I haven’t watched live hockey in several years so that is a semi-priority for the coming winter, I think, unless life intrudes.

Wonder how that eggplant is doing.

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