The new Bandcamp jawn? It’s out.


Unlimited Pleasure is seven songs cut, pasted and sampled together from one of those private-press high school band albums released in the Midwest in the 1970s.

It’s a free download so take as many as you want.

(It would probably have been smart of me to hang around Twitter long enough to flog this before I quit. But Twitter never really drove that much traffic to my Bandcamp page anyway. Anyone who knows me knows to avoid my noise.)

I’ve just been to a New England Town Meeting — those have the capacity to stretch time and space, and this one did in spades. I feel slightly brain-mugged. So I don’t have lots of zippy things to say about the new release. It’s wonderful and a two- or three-minute listen costs you nothing except two or three minutes. More fun than stealing from horses.

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