Bunbury fields forever.

Wikipedia reports the death of British actor, cricketer, and record-company president David English.

In this precinct, English is most noteworthy for sweet-talking George Harrison into writing a song about an animated cricket-playing rabbit.

Yes: George Harrison wrote a song about an animated cricket-playing rabbit — with Ravi Shankar adding sitar, no less.

You can, if you so choose, hear it here.

In fairness to George, Ringo Starr voiced what was supposed to be an animated Liverpudlian mouse, but the show got shelved … and Paul McCartney has contributed to at least two animated films … which leaves John Lennon, off the top of my head, as the only Beatle not to get sucked in by the charm of animation, unless I have forgotten something.

2 thoughts on “Bunbury fields forever.

    1. I’ve never seen an episode, I don’t think. (Didn’t have cable in the ’80s.) I should see if they’re on YouTube.

      When Musician magazine interviewed George Harrison around the time of his ’80s comeback, they found and published a “style sheet” from the Beatles animated series on how to portray the George character. (One thing I remember: George is always shown leaning against something.)

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