I am reminded while reading the Boston Globe that football is the only professional sport in which the phrase “reportedly had feeling in his extremities” appears regularly in news coverage.

Pitchers and catchers report in less than a month.

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Meet my hominy casserole. Love my hominy casserole.


I like hominy, so I bought some dried hominy, and eventually I soaked and cooked it. In search of something to do with it besides soup, I found a hominy au gratin recipe allegedly connected to Julia Child. It’s basically hominy baked with mac-and-cheese sauce, with some more cheese sprinkled on top.

It was kinda bland, needing salsa or Frank’s Red Hot to make it interesting.

I still like hominy.

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It appears I will have a SABR Games Project story in a third book — this one about Sandy Koufax, scheduled to publish early in 2024. The story won’t be due until much later in the year but I may get it done early, just for nice. As an added bonus, the radio broadcast of the game is available at Archive dot org, and I spent time yesterday listening to it and harvesting color.

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The freaky radio show I listen to most Tuesday nights is having streaming problems, and every so often it just hangs up and starts skipping, and that actually adds to the pleasure … it’s weird to begin with and then these glitches come along and make it weirder.

I was going to say that more entertainment should have glitches built in. But on further review I don’t think I’d enjoy a movie or TV show that hung up (if I still watched movies or TV shows), or a novel that had two Chapter 11s back-to-back and no Chapter 12 (every so often I still make my way through a novel; more of that should probably be a goal for me in this still-new year.)

A radio show with skips and starts, on the other hand, is all to the good.