Dark powder blue.

Wind chill of minus-30 is expected tonight and tomorrow morning with wind gusts up to 45 mph or so, so I am at home doing the worry-thing. I’m pretty good at it by now. As I type this, at least, the weather map for Boston is an unusual and not unattractive dark powder blue.

The Internet Archive is once again posting vinyl rips to its Unlocked Recordings collection … but they seem to be on an opera jag lately, which interests me not one iota.

After writing nine biographies of ballparks, I’ve had my first biography of a person published this week by the SABR Biography Project. The subject, former umpire Doll Derr, is thoroughly obscure; I’m hoping I get a couple of views from people who have never heard of him and think maybe Doll Derr was a character from A League of Their Own.

A second biography has been submitted; a third is drafted and waiting for an opportunity to be filed; and I am researching a fourth. All are relatively obscure, which tends to be how I like it.