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This page is kind of a leftover from the days when you were supposed to link to lots and lots of blogs and hopefully they would link to yours as well. I don’t really update this page too often but I think everything on it is still there.

If you like this at all, try my other blog, Hope Street. It’s a family-history jawn with a bunch of American social history thrown in as well. (It’s no longer being updated, but it’s still there, and it was a fun ride.)

I’m a big fan of The Hits Just Keep On Comin’, a pop-music and personal blog run by J.A. Bartlett, a DJ, freelance writer, gentleman and scholar from the farmlands of southern Wisconsin. His past work at One Day In Your Life is worth visiting as well.

I don’t stop by Jeff Ash’s AM, Then FM as often as I should. Same with Len O’Kelly’s 45 Ruminations per Megabyte and Wm.’s The Music Of My Life, not to mention Music in the Key of E and The CD Project.

And Nick Tavares’ Saves and Shutouts. Also, a bunch of Detroit Tigers-themed blogs I found on Twitter (somehow I’ve managed to follow half the Tigers fans in the world; or perhaps they follow me. It is a delicate promenade.)

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