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A few to check out …

If you like this at all, try my other blog, Hope Street. It’s a family-history jawn with a bunch of American social history thrown in as well. (It’s no longer being updated, but it’s still there, and it was a fun ride.)

I’m a big fan of The Hits Just Keep On Comin’, a pop-music and personal blog run by J.A. Bartlett, a DJ, freelance writer, gentleman and scholar from the farmlands of southern Wisconsin. His work at One Day In Your Life is worth visiting as well.

I don’t stop by Jeff Ash’s AM, Then FM as often as I should. Same with Len O’Kelly’s 45 Ruminations per Megabyte and Wm.’s The Music Of My Life, not to mention Music in the Key of E. Brian Rostron’s Ephemera is relatively new, but will soon join the ranks of blogs I should visit more often.

And Nick Tavares’ Saves and Shutouts. Also, a bunch of Detroit Tigers-themed blogs I found on Twitter (somehow I’ve managed to follow half the Tigers fans in the world; or perhaps they follow me. It is a delicate promenade.)

More to come, most likely.

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