Here we have 31 imaginary “Peanuts” TV specials or movies, created by slicing, dicing and recombining the titles of real “Peanuts” TV specials or movies.

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It’s Not a Race to Love, Snoopy

It’s a Nightmare Getting Married, Charlie Brown

You’re in a Warm Circus Mystery, Charlie Brown

I Want a Good Short First Kiss, Charlie Brown

There’s No Time for Getting Learned, Charlie Brown

Why Find Adventure, Charlie Brown?

Flashbeagle, a Musical Nightmare

Dog Day Valentine

Red Truck Super Bowl Celebration

There’s No First Time for a Good Girl, Charlie Brown

Snoopy’s Nightmare Arbor Day Skate

Is This Girl a Boy, Charlie Brown?

Don’t Look in the Arbor, Charlie Brown

Come Home, Love Bully

Happiness is Goodbye, Charlie Brown

You’re Traded in Spring Training, Charlie Brown

A Tribute To The Greatest Love Man

It’s a Good Play, Charlie Brown. Why?

A Boy Named Pumpkin Christmas

Making a Girl Is a Magic Adventure, Charlie Brown

What Have We Learned in the Brown Circus?

Be a Good Sport, Married Man

The Summer Love All-Stars

You’re Not the Best Blanket, Charlie Brown

Happy Easter, Good Christmas, Nightmare 20th Anniversary, Goodbye

You’re Not Getting My Best, Lucy

Don’t You Short Your Man, Charlie Brown

Happiness Is Getting Elected Pied Piper

It Was A Short Life

The First Best Greatest Arbor Day

I Want to Be Your Dog