Glove story.

Went to my first minor-league game of the year yesterday and saw Domonic Brown go deep.

Domonic Brown is a young outfielder who has been a hotly touted Phillies prospect for what seems like years and years and years.

Until he gets it together at the big-league level, we are catching his act here in the Lehigh Valley … and yesterday he hit a bullet into the right-field standing-room area, and made a sweet diving catch to boot.

Maybe I’ll tell someone I saw that, someday.

You never know what kind of future star you’ll learn about at a minor-league ballgame. It was at a minor-league game six summers ago that I first heard about a megastar whose name you all know.

I didn’t actually get to see her play, though.

(Yes, I said “her.”)

This is the front of the Class AA Reading Phillies game program for the homestand of August 18-20, 2006.

On the cover is J.A. Happ, a crafty lefthander who, judging from his recent performance, is being forced by the Houston Astros to pitch in the big leagues against his will:



And this is the inside front cover, featuring an ad for an aspiring young singer born in Reading, pursuing a career in Nashville, and beseeching the hometown folks to request her first single on the radio.

None other than Taylor Swift, who has since gone on to sell something like 22 million albums and win a shelfload of music awards.

In the summer of 2006 she was just starting to get known outside Baseballtown, thanks to that first single.

She released her first album two months after I went to the game, and it went platinum five times over. By the time spring training of 2007 rolled around, she no longer needed to advertise in Reading Phillies game programs to get her songs played on the radio.

I had not heard her song(s) when I went to Reading, but I was dimly aware that she was local. (Or had been local. She’d moved to Nashville by 2006 but was apparently still courting her hometown roots.)

A country singer from Berks County, I thought. Yeah, that’ll go far.

Clearly, I am not a talent scout — not in country music, and not in baseball either.

So, while Domonic Brown impressed me yesterday, he may have some work to do before he — like Taylor Swift — can leave minor-league game-day programs behind forever.